The True Longevity of Whirlpool Appliances

Choosing the right appliance brand for you, depending on what you like, how much money are you willing to spend, and just how well it serves your needs. We will dive in the most topics that all our customers ask about. Starting with the most asked one, longevity of the actual appliance it self.  Let’s get one thing out of the way first no appliance brand is perfect and like everything mechanical, something will end up breaking, and we will be here to fix it. We will be covering North Americas biggest appliance titan in this article, let us  dive in.

Whirlpool  ( kitchen Aid, Maytag ) Fridges, Dryers and Washers

Coming in at the largest appliance distributor, owning Kitchen Aid as well as Maytag. You can pretty much say they are Whirlpool but with a different name in front of it.( When speaking about whirlpool I am also including Kitchen Aid and Maytag appliance products ) Now when it comes to longevity of the Whirlpool  appliances they definitely rank in the top three of lasting the longest without breaking, but that goes for only some of there appliances, for refrigerators they have been very good with keeping there sealed systems in check, sealed system repairs can be extremely costive for the customer, in allot of cases its a big punch in you’re wallet, either speaking having to repair it or replace it, there is no cheap way of fixing this problem but whirlpool has not lacked in this department. Which means the remaining problems in the fridges are way less costing. So I would definitely promote getting a whirlpool fridge for longevity.  

Next up we have there washers and dryers, I will be doing the laundry products in pairs. The best thing I have to point out about there laundry products is that they are simple the thing about simplicity is that less things inside a machine the less probability of something breaking. They are built with “features” like all appliances are. What I mean by features is the options you have on the dial when choosing what type of drying mode you want. Some brands have 15 some have 20. Whirlpool has the ones you only really need. Less mechanics in general, less probability in failing. Consider a robot with one hundred different parts that works and a robot that has 25 parts for requiring both of them to work. Who do you think will break first ? As goes for the same as their washing machines they have just what you only really need. If something does end up breaking or defecting, it will definitely be a cheaper repair than other appliance brands.

Whirlpool ( kitchen Aid, Maytag ) Dishwashers and Stoves 

Now every brand is not perfect even the biggest and most profitable can bleed. The dishwashers are cost effective but definitely notorious for having problems in there first couple of years, due to their very high technology that whirlpool has implemented in there machines I am talking about there computer boards they have and the amount of small parts that they have included that have brought a nightmare to house wives or husbands all across North America. The worst part is these problems are usually having to do with their electronic parts meaning their boards and computers, the brains of the machine. Out of all their appliances  I would say their dishwashers are their Achilles Heel when it comes to longevity term for their products. 

Last but not least we have the Whirlpool Stoves or Ranges as others would like to call them. Beginning with the electric ranges they have a large variety of types of their electric ranges, ranging from the old school element burners to their new inductive cook tops. Surprisingly I don’t run into them too often which is the best sign for longevity and parts breaking inside them. Basically only breaks when used improperly or not taking care of the stove itself. Examples would be keeping the cook top clean from any debris or debris of any kind touching the bake element. I would definitely  recommend their electric stoves you are in fact paying for what you are getting. 

The most dangerous if not handled properly for last is the whirlpool Gas ranges they rank amongst the middle I would say if I had to rank them not because they are built to break but their horrible self clean option that they implement. Not so bad for electric stoves but the gas ones tend to go out much more after using the self clean option. The number one most common issue is when you use the self clean option the heat that is generated from the gas igniters gets so hot and the way most of the whirlpool gas ranges are built are with the Control boards right in front and centre of the appliance. So where does all that heat go ? It rises. Rises up right to the board, then bam. You have yourself a cooked and ready to replace control board. Either then that it is a really reliable purchase for anyone that like gas ovens over electronically ones.